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Blanche Stuart Scott: One of America's Earliest Aviatrixes
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 6th 2017

In 1910, a woman set out in an automobile across the country to prove that women were well-equipped …
Aviation History
What is Airplane Mode and Why Do You Have to Use it?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 30th 2017

So, what exactly does it mean when that little plane icon appears? Airplane mode is a setting fo…
The Making of Modern Day Air Shows
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 9th 2017

Air shows have a rich history. Since man first learned to fly, airplanes--and aerial stunts--have wo…
Aviation History
The Montgolfier Brothers and the Rise of Balloonomania
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 24th 2017

On September 19, 1783, a duck, a sheep, and a rooster all made history as the first passengers to ev…
Aviation History
From Off the Ground to Out of this World: The Beginnings of NASA
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 17th 2017

Long before Neil Armstrong made one giant leap for mankind (or, you know, didn't, if that's your bel…
General Aviation
Plane of the Week: de Havilland Vampire
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 14th 2017

Not all vampires suck, you know. Not all vampires can fly, either. In both American and European…
Plane Of The Week
Lilian Bland: Ireland's First Female Pilot Could Do It All
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 3rd 2017

In reality, though, Lilian Bland was truly anything BUT bland. It's true that Lilian Bland was t…
Aviation History
This is Why Your Love of Aviation and Travel Increases Your Exposure to Radiation
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 27th 2017

When we think of radiation, we think scary. We think of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.…
General Aviation
Plane of the Week: Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 23rd 2017

When the United States Army Air Forces wanted an operational jet fighter of their own, the War Depar…
Plane Of The Week