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American Football and Airplanes Took off at the Same Time (and are still connected)
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 19th 2018

Both football and airplanes are deeply ingrained in the American psyche. But I don't have to tell yo…
Aviation History
How Aircraft Pressurization Works
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 15th 2018

In order for planes to fly safely and efficiently, they must go high into the sky; after all, they a…
General Aviation
What is Airplane Mode and Why Do You Have to Use it?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 30th 2017

So, what exactly does it mean when that little plane icon appears? Airplane mode is a setting fo…
Rebuilding the Very First Air Force One
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 25th 2016

Aviation history is being remade in Bridgewater, Virginia. While images of Air Force One landing…
Aviation History
Fly-in Communities are Heaven for Aviation Enthusiasts
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 22nd 2016

"CAUTION: Children (and adults) at play" Spruce Creek is a community like no other. …
General Aviation