Aviation Grade 120, SAE 60

Aviation Oils with a grade of 120 are synonymous with SAE 60 Aviation Oils. Although SAE stands for the Society of Automotive engineers, this designation refers to the standard testing mechanism for oil viscosity which is undertaken for several varieties of lubricants, both automotive and otherwise.

The oils offered here may be either multi-weight or single-weight oils – the former will achieve the same viscosity as SAE 60 oils at operating temperature, though indeed they run much thinner than an SAE 60 oil at engine start up. In either case, varieties of both of these oils may be used for both engine break-in and normal operation.

120 Grade, SAE 60 oils have a viscosity 24.8 cSt @ 100°C. Be mindful of which varieties of these oils are intended to be used as either a normal operation lubricant or a break-in oil. This selection process is very important and may greatly affect the performance of your lubricant and engine.

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