Aviation Grade 100, SAE 50

Aviation engine lubricants are measured in viscosity according to the Aviation Grade. 100 Grade aviation oils are also equivalent in viscosity to SAE 50 Aviation oils. Both designations refer to oils that have viscosities of 20.2 cSt @ 100°C.

Though these designations refer to the single-grade variety of these oils, PSC also offers oils that are multi-grade, but fulfill the SAE 50 viscosity standard when reaching operating temperature. For example, though a 15w-50 normal operation oil flows thinner at engine start-up, it reaches a viscosity equivalent to SAE 50 oils after being heated to 100°C.

Some oils with meeting these grades are intended for engine break-in, while others are intended for in-flight usage. Pay close attention when choosing a lubricant for your aviation engine to ensure you are choosing the correct variety.

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