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Santos-Dumont vs The Wright Brothers: Who Really Invented the Airplane?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 16th 2020

The 2016 Rio Olympics sparked some historic controversy: During the Opening Ceremony, Brazil paid ho…
2016 summer olympics
Aviation Mysteries: Flying Tiger Line Flight 739
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 25th 2020

The Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation propliner is a rather large plane with a wingspan of over 12…
Aviation History
You won't see these 5 things in an airport today
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 19th 2018

The airports of today are so much different than they used to be. Things are stricter and much more …
Aviation History
How did pilots navigate before GPS systems?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 12th 2018

Before the GPS provided exact coordinates and became fully operational on flights in 1994, pilots ha…
Aviation History
What is a black box?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 5th 2018

When aircraft crash or disappear, investigators highly prioritize retrieving the aircraft's black bo…
Aviation History
The Distinguished Flying Cross Society
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 29th 2018

When remembering all who served on Memorial Day, the Distinguished Flying Cross Society is an organi…
Aviation History
Aviation Mysteries: EgyptAir Flight 990
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 30th 2018

Aviation mysteries haunt us and hold our attention and have done so relentlessly over time. The case…
Aviation History
Five Amazing Moments in Aviation History
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 4th 2018

Narrowing it down to just five moments is hard to do, but there are still some clear front runners h…
Aviation History
Kiddo takes off: Was the first-ever in-flight radio transmission about a cat?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 2nd 2018

How the first cat got to cross the Atlantic Cats are no strangers to notoriety. Ancient Egypt…
Aviation History