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Santos-Dumont vs The Wright Brothers: Who Really Invented the Airplane?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 16th 2020

The 2016 Rio Olympics sparked some historic controversy: During the Opening Ceremony, Brazil paid ho…
2016 summer olympics
Aviation Grease: A Critical Component for Maintaining Airworthiness
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 6th 2018

You might say that grease is the unsung hero of the aviation world. Sure, fuels and engine oils g…
Plane of the Week: Boeing-Stearman Model 75
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 15th 2018

No matter what you call it- Stearman Biplane, Boeing-Stearman Model 75, PT-17, or Kaydet-one thing r…
Plane Of The Week
Why you can't fix your plane with just any parts
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 6th 2018

Routine certified aircraft maintenance is an important aspect of owning a plane. This makes owning a…
General Aviation
Plane of the Week: Cessna 195 Businessliner
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 3rd 2018

Sometimes, you want an aircraft that is all sleek and modern-a plane that might as well transport yo…
Plane Of The Week
Pilot Cons: Flying Without a License
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 18th 2018

If online dating has taught us anything, it's that people lie. Some by using decades' old photos whi…
General Aviation
Pilot Profile: Lydia Litvyak, the World's First Female Fighter Ace
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 13th 2018

When the Third Reich invaded Russia on June 22, 1941, they brought with them more than 3 million sol…
Pilot Profile
Kiddo takes off: Was the first-ever in-flight radio transmission about a cat?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 2nd 2018

How the first cat got to cross the Atlantic Cats are no strangers to notoriety. Ancient Egypt…
Aviation History
Leslie Jones: the Camera-man
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 28th 2018

Take yourself back to the early days of aviation. Just how far back you go is really up to you. Mank…
Aviation History