How did pilots navigate before GPS systems?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 12th 2018

Before the GPS provided exact coordinates and became fully operational on flights in 1994, pilots ha…
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Here's Why Pilots Say "Roger That"
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 12th 2018

Communication is key, especially in aviation. It can be used to warn someone of danger and achieve g…
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Plane of the Week: Saab 35 Draken
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 26th 2018

In 1955, the Swedish Air Force (Flygvapnet) introduced the first supersonic plane to Western Europe-…
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The Everett Factory and the Rise of the Boeing 747
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 4th 2017

Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer and is one of the busiest times to travel. As you gaze …
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Model Planes: The Gateway to Aviation for All Ages
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 23rd 2017

Model airplanes allow children and adults to get up-close and personal with aviation without becomin…
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How to Bring Your Love of Aviation Into Your Home
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 22nd 2017

Fill your life with what you love If you consider yourself an avgeek, you probably love all thi…
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Plane of the Week: Grumman F8F Bearcat
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 30th 2016

The bearcat, also known as the binturong, is a viverrine mammal from Southeast Asia-it is closely re…
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Plane of the Week: Santa's SN-TA XG2 Sleigh
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 23rd 2016

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in the hopes that Saint Nick soon would be there… …
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Plane of the Week: Wright Flyer
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 21st 2016

When it comes to aviation, I can't help but think of Orville and Wilbur Wright. After all, they pave…
Plane Of The Week
Solar Powered Plane Completes US Crossing
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 13th 2016

Solar Powered! In a bid for what is planned to be the first round-the-world solar flight, Swiss ad…
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Plane of the week: McDonnell XF-85 Goblin
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 6th 2016

The XF-85 Goblin by McDonnell Aircraft is without a doubt a crazy-looking contraption. If we're bein…
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How to Become a Professional Pilot
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 20th 2016

You might have heard that there's a professional pilot shortage in the aviation industry.You also mi…
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Plane of the Week: Extra EA-300
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 15th 2016

Top speed: 213 mph  Length: 22'9 1/2" Wingspan: 24'3" Heigh…
Plane Of The Week
Rebuilding the Very First Air Force One
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 25th 2016

Aviation history is being remade in Bridgewater, Virginia.While images of Air Force One landing in C…
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Fly-in Communities are Heaven for Aviation Enthusiasts
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 22nd 2016

"CAUTION: Children (and adults) at play"Spruce Creek is a community like no other.Located in Port Or…
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