11 Fascinating Facts About the Apollo 11 Mission
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 19th 2019

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history by being the first humans to walk on t…
Pilot Profile: Scott Crossfield
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 16th 2018

Albert S. "Scott" Crossfield was a Navy fighter pilot and flight instructor. Born on October 2, 1921…
Pilot Profile
Aircraft Wings Need to Be More Flexible
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 8th 2017

As part of the journey to building more fuel-efficient aircraft, aeronautic engineers have extensive…
Boeing to Test Turbulence-Detecting Lasers on Commercial Flights
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 25th 2017

Boeing equipped its long-range 777 with a laser to discover turbulence before coming in contact with…
Aviation News
Hurricane Hunters: Weathering the Storm for Data
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 13th 2017

In the wake of hurricane season, you may have heard of the "Hurricane Hunters" and wondered, why any…
General Aviation
NASA's Quest to Cut Down on Flight Time
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 16th 2017

Traveling by air does wonders. It transforms long, grueling drives into manageable flights and allow…
Aviation News
Plane of the Week: Lockheed C-130 Hercules
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 11th 2017

The C-130's versatility is second to none. The C-130 Hercules is considered one of history's most …
Plane Of The Week
WB-57F Jets to Follow Total Solar Eclipse
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 2nd 2017

If you're a fan of National Geographic or the Discovery Channel, you may have heard of storm chasers…
General Aviation
G-Forces: A Matter of Acceleration
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 26th 2017

If you've ever ridden a roller coaster, you may have felt a sense of weightlessness followed by abru…
Aviation History
This is Why Your Love of Aviation and Travel Increases Your Exposure to Radiation
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 27th 2017

When we think of radiation, we think scary. We think of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.…
General Aviation
Chemtrails Are Not Skywriting (Not Even of the Alien Variety)
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 3rd 2017

If you do an internet search for "chemtrails," your search results are going to be inundated with ta…
General Aviation
NASA and FAA Utilize Dummies to Test Aircraft Safety
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 27th 2017

Remember when in 1984 NASA and the FAA got together and intentionally crashed a B-720 aircraft&…
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Plane of the Week: NASA AD-1
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 10th 2017

Even centuries-old aircraft will look somewhat familiar to modern aviation enthusiasts.  …
Aviation History
Plane of the Week: Super Guppy Turbine
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 29th 2016

Not your average flying fish A large, wide-bodied cargo aircraft, the Super Guppy refers to e…
Plane Of The Week
Celebrate National Siblings Day with These Famous Sibling Aviators
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 5th 2016

When it comes to having siblings, it tends to be a love/hate situation--sometimes a little more of o…
Aviation History
Lockheed Martin Plans to Build a Mars-Orbiting Science Laboratory
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 24th 2016

Mars, take heed (Lockheed, that is) Lockheed Martin is a leading name in aircraft manufacturing, p…
Aviation News
Fido Take the Controls: Dogs Might Fly
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 21st 2016

Teaching Dogs to FlyYou might be familiar with the adynaton, -when pigs fly,- but how familiar are y…
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