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What is a black box?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 5th 2018

When aircraft crash or disappear, investigators highly prioritize retrieving the aircraft's black bo…
Aviation History
The Airplane that Fights Jet Lag for You
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 21st 2018

Jet lag is problematic. You travel on an airplane for an extended amount of time and a feeling of fa…
Aviation News
The Helicopter's Technology Update
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 7th 2018

We often hear a lot of news on new technology and innovation for airplanes like flexible wings an…
U.S. Navy Fighter Fleet Upgrades
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 28th 2018

Within the last year, the United States Navy heavily focused on improving the strike fighters in the…
Aviation News
How Are Aircraft Engines Tested?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 5th 2018

Aircraft engine testing, especially on commercial flights, is top-priority to ensure safety for ever…
Flying Eye Hospital Prevents Blindness Worldwide
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 3rd 2018

In the late 1960s, ophthalmologist Dr. David Patan returned to the United States after spending time…
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Flight Simulators: History and Function
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 6th 2017

Before a pilot gets behind the wheel of an actual plane, they often rely on technology to teach them…
Aircraft Wings Need to Be More Flexible
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 8th 2017

As part of the journey to building more fuel-efficient aircraft, aeronautic engineers have extensive…
Boeing to Test Turbulence-Detecting Lasers on Commercial Flights
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 25th 2017

Boeing equipped its long-range 777 with a laser to discover turbulence before coming in contact with…
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