Pilot Profile: Lydia Litvyak, the World's First Female Fighter Ace
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 13th 2018

When the Third Reich invaded Russia on June 22, 1941, they brought with them more than 3 million sol…
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Kiddo takes off: Was the first-ever in-flight radio transmission about a cat?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 2nd 2018

How the first cat got to cross the Atlantic Cats are no strangers to notoriety. Ancient Egyptia…
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Jimmy Doolittle: Pioneering Pilot, Aeronautical Engineer, and Military Strategist
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 2nd 2018

Some people do little. But this Doolittle did a lot.  James Harold "Jimmy" Doolittle was b…
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Eddie Rickenbacker: Ace of Aces, Race Car Driver, Air Transportation Pioneer
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 19th 2018

Not every fighter pilot was considered an ace during World War I, let alone the ace of aces. But …
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Pilot Profile: Katherine Stinson
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 8th 2017

A Pioneering American AviatorAs one of America's Early aviators, Katherine Stinson set numerous flyi…
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The Story of the B-17 -Swamp Ghost-
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 30th 2017

Papua New Guinea has seen its share of plane crashes, as well as its share of war buffs hunting for …
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What Does a Serial Killer and the First Airplane Have in Common?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 14th 2017

Did a killer unintentionally change the course of aviation history as we know it? In 2015, fame…
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Plane of the Week: Waco 10
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 21st 2017

Based on the Waco 9, the Waco 10 was designed to make something that was already good, bigger. …
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Plane of the Week: Douglas DC-3
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 18th 2016

The Douglas DC-3 is one of the most revolutionary transport aircraft of the 1930s and 40s- or perhap…
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Plane of the Week: Vought V-173
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 29th 2016

The "Flying Pancake" Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but it's got noth…
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Rebuilding the Very First Air Force One
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 25th 2016

Aviation history is being remade in Bridgewater, Virginia.While images of Air Force One landing in C…
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