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Eddie Rickenbacker: Ace of Aces, Race Car Driver, Air Transportation Pioneer
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 19th 2018

Not every fighter pilot was considered an ace during World War I, let alone the ace of aces. But …
Pilot Profile
The Guinea Pig Club: RAF Pilots and the Advancement of Plastic Surgery
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 8th 2018

We are incredibly lucky to presently live in a world with advanced medical technology. It wasn't all…
Aviation History
2017 Blog Roundup: Looking Back at our Favorites
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 1st 2018

Nearing the end of the year always brings a certain type of nostalgia. As we look towards the future…
Aviation History
Plane of the Week: Lockheed C-5 Galaxy
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 29th 2017

The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is one of the largest military aircraft in the world--and probably out of th…
Plane Of The Week
How Charles Lindbergh Became TIME's First Man of the Year
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 20th 2017

For nearly a century, Time magazine has annually selected people-man, woman, group or concept-that h…
Aviation History
blog post
Are Drones a Threat to Aircraft?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 11th 2017

While pilots typically love the freedom afforded by flying in the open skies, that wide, open space …
Aviation News
Pilot Profile: Katherine Stinson
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 8th 2017

A Pioneering American Aviator As one of America's Early aviators, Katherine Stinson set numerous…
Aviation History
Sport Pilot Licenses are Popular But Risky
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 27th 2017

Learning to Fly For those who have always believed they could fly, getting a pilot's license doe…
General Aviation
Pilot Encounters with Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 20th 2017

Picture this: you're a pilot, cruising through the air when suddenly an unknown object appears in yo…
Aviation History