Pilot Profile: Robert Lee Scott Jr.
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 15th 2018

Colonel Robert Lee Scott, Jr. is well-known for his autobiography, God is My Co-Pilot, and served…
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Pilot Profile: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 10th 2018

If you don't already know who Anne Morrow Lindbergh is, you've probably guessed right just in seeing…
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Pilot Profile: Billy Bishop
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 27th 2018

Canadian ace Air Marshal William "Billy" Bishop played a key role in WWI and WWII. He also recruited…
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Pilot Profile: Lydia Litvyak, the World's First Female Fighter Ace
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 13th 2018

When the Third Reich invaded Russia on June 22, 1941, they brought with them more than 3 million sol…
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Pilot Profile: Bessie Coleman
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 30th 2018

We've briefly highlighted Bessie Coleman in the past, but her accomplishments as an aviator warrant …
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Pilot Profile: Scott Crossfield
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 16th 2018

Albert S. "Scott" Crossfield was a Navy fighter pilot and flight instructor. Born on October 2, 1921…
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Jimmy Doolittle: Pioneering Pilot, Aeronautical Engineer, and Military Strategist
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 2nd 2018

Some people do little. But this Doolittle did a lot.  James Harold "Jimmy" Doolittle was b…
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Pilot Profile: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 16th 2018

Born in Greece, Prince Philip has gone through a lot in life-to say the least-and has a truly remark…
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Pilot Profile: Albert Ball
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 2nd 2018

Britain's first great ace Albert Ball was a sensational World War I fighter pilot who made history a…
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Eddie Rickenbacker: Ace of Aces, Race Car Driver, Air Transportation Pioneer
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 19th 2018

Not every fighter pilot was considered an ace during World War I, let alone the ace of aces. But …
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Pilot Profile: Noel Wien
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 5th 2018

Noel Wien, a Minnesota native, is largely credited with introducing the airplane to Alaska. …
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Pilot Profile: Jeana Yeager
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 22nd 2017

We've mentioned Jeana Yeager before in our Rutan Voyager Plane of the Week feature, but we're thr…
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Pilot Profile: Louis Blériot
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 11th 2017

Louis Blériot is famous for being the first to fly between continental Europe and Great Br…
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Pilot Profile: James Stewart
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 21st 2017

When we hear James Stewart's name, we often think of his acting career; we particularly think of his…
Aviation History
Ruth Law Oliver: An American Aviatrix
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 30th 2016

Ruth Law Oliver, who was featured in our Women in Aviation History post earlier this month, passed a…
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