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Pilot Profile: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 16th 2018

Born in Greece, Prince Philip has gone through a lot in life-to say the least-and has a truly remark…
General Aviation
Types of De-icing Fluid Used on Aircraft
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 7th 2018

If you're looking to read about the process of de-icing planes, you're in the wrong place. Well- not…
General Aviation
Five Travel Resolutions for the New Year
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 31st 2018

With a new year comes the drive to do new things. This year, if you're thinking that you'd like to t…
General Aviation
Air Traffic Control: Here's How it Works
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 24th 2018

On the ground, we have traffic lights, designated lanes, stop signs, and turn signals, among ot…
General Aviation
First Blue Blood Supermoon in 150 Years
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 17th 2018

If you ask me, 2018 is off to a great start as far as the moon is concerned. Not only did we kick of…
General Aviation
Plane of the Week: General Atomics MQ-1 Predator
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 12th 2018

What makes a plane a plane is the fact that it can fly. It needs to be piloted by someone, but that …
Plane Of The Week
What is it like to fly in the winter?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 27th 2017

You might have experienced traveling with an airline during the winter months. Sometimes things go s…
General Aviation
Britain's First Female Pilot: Hilda Hewlett
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 22nd 2017

Hilda Hewlett has the title of Britain's first female pilot, the first woman in Britain to earn her …
Aviation History
A Look at Aviation Mechanics and Technicians
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 13th 2017

The people who care for the planes we travel on are the unsung heroes of the field. Without their kn…
General Aviation