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REAL ID Act: Some States Given Extensions for Compliance
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 22nd 2018

Have you forgotten about the "Real ID" Act of 2004? Well, the Federal Government hasn't and a hard d…
Aviation News
Plane of the Week: Navy PB4Y-2
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 30th 2017

Two years before WWII ended, the military re-purposed the PB4Y-1 Liberator into a Navy PB4Y-2. The U…
Plane Of The Week
This is Why Your Love of Aviation and Travel Increases Your Exposure to Radiation
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 27th 2017

When we think of radiation, we think scary. We think of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.…
General Aviation
The Early History of Commercial Air Travel
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 3rd 2017

In 2016, 3.8 billion people traveled by air, and IATA expects that number to double over the co…
Aviation History
Airline Advertising Through the Ages
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 8th 2016

Airline ads really took off during the Golden Age of Aviation, but now seem to have fallen rather fl…
General Aviation
5 of the Most Prolific Early Flying Machine Inventors
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 1st 2016

Humans have always been rather obsessed with the notion of flight, well before the development …
Aviation History