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Boeing to Test Turbulence-Detecting Lasers on Commercial Flights
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 25th 2017

Boeing equipped its long-range 777 with a laser to discover turbulence before coming in contact with…
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How to Get Ready to Put Your Pet on an Airplane
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 20th 2017

Sometimes, it's unavoidable to avoid bringing your pet along for your travels. Maybe you're moving a…
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NASA's Quest to Cut Down on Flight Time
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 16th 2017

Traveling by air does wonders. It transforms long, grueling drives into manageable flights and allow…
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The Air Show Finally Returned to Northeastern Pennsylvania
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 14th 2017

After nearly two decades, acrobatic performances once again graced the skies of Northeastern Pennsyl…
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Here's What You Need to Know About Project: Time Off
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 12th 2017

Jumping on a plane to use up some of those vacation days is, in my opinion, always a good idea. Howe…
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How Satellites Make for Safer Flights
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 5th 2017

In between Iceland, Scotland, and Norway lies the Faroe Islands' Vágar Airport-an airport compl…
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International Paris Air Show
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 21st 2017

The International Paris Air Show began on June 19 and will continue until June 26. The International…
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Are Pilotless Planes in Our Future?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 12th 2017

Utopia: a place of ideal perfection. Tall, bright buildings between smooth highways surrounded by gr…
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This Airport Terminal is Going to the Dogs
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 17th 2017

...and the horses and the cats. Traveling with pets can be ruff. And incredibly stressful (to bo…
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