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American Football and Airplanes Took off at the Same Time (and are still connected)
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 19th 2018

Both football and airplanes are deeply ingrained in the American psyche. But I don't have to tell yo…
Aviation History
How Charles Lindbergh Became TIME's First Man of the Year
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 20th 2017

For nearly a century, Time magazine has annually selected people-man, woman, group or concept-that h…
Aviation History
The First Airliner to Disappear: The Avro Ten "Southern Cloud"
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 13th 2017

The story, and occasional mystery, surrounding airline disappearances capture international attentio…
Aviation History
International Paris Air Show
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 21st 2017

The International Paris Air Show began on June 19 and will continue until June 26. The International…
Aviation History
Everyone Wanted to Be Charles Lindbergh (Including Mickey Mouse)
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 15th 2017

How one man's journey changed the world. Charles Lindbergh made his historic transatlantic fligh…
Aviation History
Charles Lindbergh: Pilot, Inventor, and Author
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 7th 2017

American aviator Charles Lindbergh made the first nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in M…
Aviation History
Plane of the Week: Vought V-173
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 29th 2016

The "Flying Pancake" Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but it's got no…
Plane Of The Week