The Mystery of the Goodyear Ghost Blimp
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 18th 2017

Between 1942 and 1945, the U.S. Navy received more than 150 airships for the war effort. The militar…
Aviation History
Roscoe Turner & Gilmore the Flyin' Lion
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 9th 2017

You might be familiar with Simba, Mufasa, the Cowardly Lion, and maybe even Aslan, but have you ever…
Aviation History
The Dole Derby: The Tragic Race for Transpacific Infamy
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 17th 2016

August 17, 1927 marks the end of the Dole Derby--an ill-fated air race Charles Lindbergh's Orte…
Aviation History
Historic Biofuel Airplane Project to Launch in April
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 4th 2016

The recent hype and mind-blowing preorders for Tesla's newly-announced Model 3 proves that the gener…
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