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How did pilots navigate before GPS systems?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 12th 2018

Before the GPS provided exact coordinates and became fully operational on flights in 1994, pilots ha…
Aviation History
Pilot Profile: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 16th 2018

Born in Greece, Prince Philip has gone through a lot in life-to say the least-and has a truly remark…
General Aviation
What's the Deal with Crosswind Landings?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 25th 2017

After touching down on the runway from a flight, you may have experienced a rather bumpy landing--an…
General Aviation
Vintage Air Rally: Crete2Cape Proves Vintage Planes Still Got It
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 31st 2017

"VintageAirRally attempt the almost impossible with vintage biplanes, because there's no satisfactio…
General Aviation