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Pilot Profile: Katherine Stinson
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 8th 2017

A Pioneering American Aviator As one of America's Early aviators, Katherine Stinson set numerous…
Aviation History
Roscoe Turner & Gilmore the Flyin' Lion
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 9th 2017

You might be familiar with Simba, Mufasa, the Cowardly Lion, and maybe even Aslan, but have you ever…
Aviation History
Whatever Happened to Skywriting?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 30th 2016

Sky's the limit for a comeback You might have noticed that thick, white letters don't really domin…
Aviation History
Antoine de Saint-Exupry: Famed Writer and Aviator
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 30th 2016

The man who wore many hats(although it's possible it was just a snake that swallowed an elephant)Whi…
Aviation History