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Pilot Profile: Lydia Litvyak, the World's First Female Fighter Ace
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 13th 2018

When the Third Reich invaded Russia on June 22, 1941, they brought with them more than 3 million sol…
Pilot Profile
Plane of the Week: Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 24th 2017

The MiG-21 is flown by over 50 nations and is the most produced supersonic jet fighter. 11,600 MiG-2…
Plane Of The Week
Plane of the Week: Antonov AN-2 Colt
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 3rd 2017

The Antonov An-2-sometimes referred to as the Colt-has one of the longest production runs in history…
Plane Of The Week
Plane of the Week: Beriev Be-200
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 17th 2017

It's a boat! It's a plane! It's an- amphibious aircraft! The Beriev Be-200, manufactured by …
Plane Of The Week