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Why Would you Intentionally Crash an Airplane? For Safety, of Course.
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 1st 2017

When it comes to crash testing, it's not such a big deal for cars. This form of destructive testing …
General Aviation
Plane of the Week: Air Horse One
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jan 6th 2017

Just imagine it: You're waking from a long sleep and the man sitting next to you, the man you rememb…
Plane Of The Week
Aviation Mysteries: D.B. Cooper
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 28th 2016

45 years ago, on November 24, 1971, an unidentified man hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft somewhere in …
Aviation History
New Aviation Pavilion Opens at Museum of Flight
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 28th 2016

New Exhibit Takes FlightThe Museum of Flight is kind of a big deal--in fact, it's the largest non-pr…
Aviation News