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Plane of the Week: Hawker Hurricane
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 23rd 2018

The British Hawker Hurricane was one of the most important fighters for the Royal Air Force early on…
Plane Of The Week
Lucy, Lady Houston: Philanthropist, Activist, and Aviation Pioneer
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 26th 2017

If not for Poppy Houston, the Battle of Britain might have ended very differently.  Fann…
Aviation History
Plane of the Week: Supermarine Spitfire
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 17th 2017

I've written about the Battle of Britain before where I mentioned that 500 of the Royal Air Force…
Plane Of The Week
Aviation History: The Battle of Britain
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 28th 2016

In the middle part of the year 1940, the largest sustained bombing campaign to that date took place …
Aviation History