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The mesmerizing flight patterns of maple seeds have inspired a drone prototype
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 6th 2016

When we were kids, everything was fun. What happened? Enjoying the simple things is a luxury …
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Elon Musk's next invention is an VTOL supersonic jet!
Aviation Oil Outlet on Aug 15th 2016

Elon Musk is no stranger to The Flight Blog. However, amid all of the commotion regarding hi…
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2016 Farnborough International Airshow Launches
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 11th 2016

If you're into aviation, there's no better place to go this week than the Farnborough Airshow--that …
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New Aviation Pavilion Opens at Museum of Flight
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 28th 2016

New Exhibit Takes FlightThe Museum of Flight is kind of a big deal--in fact, it's the largest non-pr…
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Solar Powered Plane Completes US Crossing
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 13th 2016

Solar Powered! In a bid for what is planned to be the first round-the-world solar flight, Swiss …
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Lockheed Martin Plans to Build a Mars-Orbiting Science Laboratory
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 24th 2016

Mars, take heed (Lockheed, that is) Lockheed Martin is a leading name in aircraft manufacturing, p…
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The Air Force Wants Aircraft With Lasers
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 9th 2016

A Sophisticated Heat BeamWhile the notion of lasers and particle beam weapons would have once been l…
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The Race to the Red Planet: Elon Musk may fly us to Mars and beyond
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 29th 2016

With the exotic name, the brilliant mind, the outlandish job title, and the handsome face, Tesla and…
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A commercial success: United Airlines celebrates its 90th birthday
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 6th 2016

90 years for United Airlines hardly seems like a long time. For thousands of years, humans have …
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