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Biofuels Confirmed to Reduce Jet Engine Pollution
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 29th 2017

Are greener skies on the horizon for travelers? Looks like it! NASA recently confirmed jet e…
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NASA and FAA Utilize Dummies to Test Aircraft Safety
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 27th 2017

Remember when in 1984 NASA and the FAA got together and intentionally crashed a B-720 aircraft&…
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What is TSA PreCheck?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 22nd 2017

Let's face it: no one likes going to the airport and dealing with security.  Sure, we underst…
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How Animals Influenced Drone Design
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 27th 2017

Nature has always been fascinating to us. The way it changes from one year to the next and season-to…
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Boeing 747s Soon to Retire from the Sky
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 23rd 2017

Both Delta and United Airlines have announced that they will be retiring their fleet of Boeing 747 j…
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The world's first corn-fueled air fleet: Alaska Airlines
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 16th 2016

Earlier this year, Alaska Airlines operated the first successful commercial flights using a blend of…
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Bob Hoover, Infamous "pilot's pilot" Dies at 94
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 26th 2016

Bob Hoover is among the elite of the aviation world. Although this American icon of heroism a…
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Elon Musk plans to take us where no man has gone before
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 21st 2016

Turns out MCT can go well beyond Mars, so will need a new name… — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) …
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ICAO's Carbon Offset and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 20th 2016

In 2013, ICAO was mandated to present a proposal for a global market-based measure to manage aviatio…
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