A Brief History of Early Aerial Warfare
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 24th 2016

It might seem reasonable to assume that aerial warfare didn't begin until the 20th century-after all…
Aviation History
Why are there still ashtrays in airplanes?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 3rd 2016

Don't let the ashtrays fool you--inflight smoking is banned on U.S. airliners If you've f…
General Aviation
Five of the Best Fictional Pilots
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 13th 2016

We can't get enough of aviation movies. Seriously, what's the best alternative to being a pilot…
General Aviation
Lockheed Martin Plans to Build a Mars-Orbiting Science Laboratory
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 24th 2016

Mars, take heed (Lockheed, that is) Lockheed Martin is a leading name in aircraft manufacturing, p…
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