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A Brief History of Early Aerial Warfare
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 24th 2016

It might seem reasonable to assume that aerial warfare didn't begin until the 20th century-after all…
Aviation History
Why are there still ashtrays in airplanes?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 3rd 2016

Don't let the ashtrays fool you--inflight smoking is banned on U.S. airliners If you've …
General Aviation
Five of the Best Fictional Pilots
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 13th 2016

We can't get enough of aviation movies. Seriously, what's the best alternative to being a pilot…
General Aviation
Lockheed Martin Plans to Build a Mars-Orbiting Science Laboratory
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 24th 2016

Mars, take heed (Lockheed, that is) Lockheed Martin is a leading name in aircraft manufacturing, p…
Aviation News