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Plane of the Week: Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 23rd 2017

When the United States Army Air Forces wanted an operational jet fighter of their own, the War Depar…
Plane Of The Week
The lost, supersonic fighter jet that could take off and land on water
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 2nd 2016

It sounds useful- and unlikely; yet, believe it or not, a US Navy aircraft, capable of supersonic …
Plane of the Week: A-10 Warthog Fighter Jet
Aviation Oil Outlet on Sep 16th 2016

Military aircraft are a bit like fashion models: as soon as they show even the slightest signs of ag…
Plane Of The Week
The Air Force Wants Aircraft With Lasers
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 9th 2016

A Sophisticated Heat BeamWhile the notion of lasers and particle beam weapons would have once been l…
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