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Plane of the Week: Martin B-26 Marauder
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 12th 2017

The Martin B-26 Marauder was introduced in 1941 for use during the course of World War II. The …
Plane Of The Week
Plane of the Week: Shoo Shoo Baby
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 16th 2016

The Shoo Shoo baby is a B-17 Flying Fortress that fought on the Allied side in World War II, but its…
Plane Of The Week
New Aviation Pavilion Opens at Museum of Flight
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 28th 2016

New Exhibit Takes FlightThe Museum of Flight is kind of a big deal--in fact, it's the largest non-pr…
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Plane of the Week: Nazi Germany's BV 141
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jun 3rd 2016

The BV 141: one mean, lean, lopsided machine. Let's just face the facts: this thing is flat-out …