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Hanna Reitsch: Germany's Most Famous Aviatrix was a Star of the Nazi Party
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 8th 2017

March 8 is International Women's Day-a day marked by celebrating all the social, economic, cultural …
Howard Hughes: American Businessman, Investor, Philanthropist, Pilot.
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 1st 2017

From the Silver Screen to Blue Skies If you're compiling a list of some of the most influential …
Before They Were Presidents of the United States of America, They Were Pilots
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 20th 2017

Franklin D. Roosevelt has the distinction of being the first US president to ever fly in an aircraft…
Incredible Converted Airplane Homes
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 26th 2016

Can you imagine living inside of an airplane? Maybe living on your own airport? Well, some people do…
Where Was Santa When the World Was Learning How to Fly?
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 21st 2016

The evolution of Santa alongside the evolution of early flight 'Twas the week before Christma…
You May Need a New Form of ID to Fly in the U.S.
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 14th 2016

On January 22, 2018, travelers who live in certain states are going to need a new form of ID-other t…
How paper planes helped manned flights take-off
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 7th 2016

Next time you see a commercial jet soaring overhead, take a look and appreciate just how spectacular…
The lost, supersonic fighter jet that could take off and land on water
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 2nd 2016

It sounds useful- and unlikely; yet, believe it or not, a US Navy aircraft, capable of supersonic …
This photographer's amazing collection of aviation photos is unlike any other
Aviation Oil Outlet on Oct 19th 2016

Photography has long been associated with aviation; perhaps it’s because some of us on the ground ca…
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