Pilot Profile: Katherine Stinson
Aviation Oil Outlet on Dec 8th 2017

A Pioneering American AviatorAs one of America's Early aviators, Katherine Stinson set numerous flyi…
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Lilian Bland: Ireland's First Female Pilot Could Do It All
Aviation Oil Outlet on Jul 3rd 2017

In reality, though, Lilian Bland was truly anything BUT bland. It's true that Lilian Bland was the…
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Hanna Reitsch: Germany's Most Famous Aviatrix was a Star of the Nazi Party
Aviation Oil Outlet on Mar 8th 2017

March 8 is International Women's Day-a day marked by celebrating all the social, economic, cultural …
Ruth Law Oliver: An American Aviatrix
Aviation Oil Outlet on Nov 30th 2016

Ruth Law Oliver, who was featured in our Women in Aviation History post earlier this month, passed a…
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