Phillips 66 Victory AW 20W-50 Now Available

Phillips 66 Victory AW 20W-50 Now Available

By on Sep 25th 2019

Initially debuted EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this highly anticipated new product from Phillips 66 Lubricants is now available to order from

Victory AW 20W-50 is an ashless dispersant, multi-grade engine oil specially formulated for year-round use in aircraft piston engines. It offers all the benefits of X/C 20W-50 with the addition of Lycoming anti-wear additive (LW-16702). This anti-scuff/anti-wear additive mandated by Lycoming Service Bulletins 446E and 471B and Service Instruction 1409C.

This multi-grade aviation oil provides distinct performance benefits when compared with single-grade engine oils. Such benefits include easier starting and faster oil circulation at low temperatures, reduced warm-up time, and reduced oil consumption in most engines. This oil maintains its film strength under high loads and at high temperatures to protect against wear and piston scuffing. Thanks to its ashless dispersant formulation, this lubricant helps minimize the formation of engine sludge, varnish, piston deposits, and combustion chamber deposits, resulting in a much cleaner engine compared with the use of straight (non-dispersant) mineral oils.

Phillips 66 Victory AW 20W-50 Aviation Oilis recommended for use in opposed piston engines. It can replace Commercial Grade 65, 80 or 100 single-grade engine oils with no sacrifice in performance. If you were affected by the decision to  discontinue Exxon Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50, this multi-grade engine oil from Phillips is a good replacement option.

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