BlueSky White Lightning Smoke Oil

BlueSky Lubricants

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BLUESKY WHITE LIGHTNING SMOKE OIL is a severely hydro-treated, low viscosity paraffinic oil with no additives.

This aviation aerobatic smoke oil burns clean and produces a thick, pure white trail perfect for stunt and aerobatic displays. Additionally, it is safe for the environment and won’t harm the plane's paint. 

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    The good stuff

    Posted by Air-on on Dec 28th 2023

    With smoke oil, it's best to keep it simple. Checking the data sheet, this checked every box and boy did it not disappoint. Very happy to get it in pails now.

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    clean and thick!

    Posted by Flyin' Ryan on Jan 9th 2023

    Really for smoke oil you just need a nice clean low viscosity oil with nothing fancy, and of course that's what this is. Where it really excels though is how much smoke is PRODUCED, how thick the clouds are, and how clean this stuff burns overall. Incredibly impressed by it! I also noticed you have them available in pails now, which is perfect for us since we are constantly on the move.

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