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Everyone Wanted to Be Charles Lindbergh (Including Mickey Mouse)
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 15th 2017

How one man's journey changed the world. Charles Lindbergh made his historic transatlantic fligh…
Aviation History
Charles Lindbergh: Pilot, Inventor, and Author
Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 7th 2017

American aviator Charles Lindbergh made the first nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in M…
Aviation History
The Age of Aerospace: 100 years of Aviation History
Aviation Oil Outlet on May 11th 2016

Remembering the Roots of Modern Aviation In case you haven't already heard, Boeing i…
Aviation History
A commercial success: United Airlines celebrates its 90th birthday
Aviation Oil Outlet on Apr 6th 2016

90 years for United Airlines hardly seems like a long time. For thousands of years, humans have …
Aviation History