Phillips 66 Type A Aviation Oil 120AD

Phillips 66 Aviation

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Phillips 66 Type A Aviation Oil 120AD is an ash-less dispersant, single-grade engine oil specially formulated for use in aircraft piston engines. 

The ash-less dispersant formulation helps minimize the formation of engine sludge, varnish, piston deposits and combustion chamber deposits, resulting in a much cleaner engine compared with the use of straight (non-dispersant) mineral oils. 

This oil provides many years of outstanding field performance in a wide variety of aviation applications. It is also FAA approved. 


  • Ash-less dispersant helps minimize engine sludge and varnish deposits for a cleaner engine 
  • High film strength for protection against wear and piston scuffing 
  • Protects against rust and corrosion 
  • Formulated with the same high-quality base oils as used in Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Oil 


  • Radial Piston Aircraft 
  • Engines that require an SAE 60 or Commercial Grade 120 engine oil 

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