Newsletter | January 2020

Posted by Aviation Oil Outlet on Feb 3rd 2020

Air show season is right around the corner! Secure your smoke oil now.
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Tail Dragging
"If you're not a tail dragger pilot, you definitely need to figure out the tail dragger game before flying this airplane." - Slick Baum

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Control Ability
"Taking a look at the rudder. Most airplanes just don't have this much control authority. And this is what allows the Extra to just snap roll so well and really have control ability." - Slick Baum

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What is aerobatic smoke oil and how does it work?
Aerobatic displays are the highlight of every airshow. Such maneuvers most often rely on the thick plumes of white or colored smoke to enhance the display. In order to get your aircraft to produce crowd-wowing smoke for aerobatics...

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