Donald Trump and his Massive, Gold-Plated, Boeing 757

Donald Trump and his Massive, Gold-Plated, Boeing 757

By on Mar 31st 2016

One gigantic, commercial plane, one jet, and two helicopters–if it wasn’t for one single, larger-than-life surname adorning the tailfins of each of the four aircraft, there would be little to distinguish the fleet of Donald Trump from the private collection of Howard Hughes, himself.

The Don had once owned an entire airline–formerly known as Eastern Airlines but having (surely enough) been renamed Trump Airlines; this venture, regrettably, failed over two decades ago. But, even amid the various ups and downs of his business career, the eccentric and ever-confounding Donald Trump has never failed to amaze us.

The fleet of aircraft that transport the presidential candidate and his substantial personality around are anything but ordinary. On behalf of Trump’s Boeing 757-200, the largest of the fleet, private pilot John Dunkin weighs in on the exclusive, high-flying ride:

Everything that they did on it is very, very spectacular…It’s kind of like the Ferrari in the airline category airplane.

As with most things inscribed with his name, Trump’s 757 is – at the very least – a spectacle that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. With a dining room, several high-end televisions, a master and guest bedroom, and a shower, the aircraft is furnished more like a luxurious suite than an airplane. In spite of all the amenities, the plane can still seat up to 43: a long-shot from the 228 passengers the commercial-variety of these planes can accommodate – so you can imagine what the interior might look like. Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine.

One of Trump’s apprentices, Amanda Miller, stars in a YouTube video (with a curiously disabled comments section) that provides viewers with a thorough tour of the inside of the plane. It’s a real blast.

At any rate, the video manages (barely) to provide the viewer with a few shots of the interior, ornamented with gold-plated sinks and a pantry full of Snyder’s pretzels – while the video hardly goes beyond my description, it is nonetheless worth a watch. As Miller says (undoubtedly scripted by the man himself), you will be thoroughly entertained by this “inside look into traveling ‘Trump-style:’”

Ah. Trump-style. What is Trump-style? Well, in the words of the man, Donald Trump, himself:

I want the plane to be immaculate…I don’t want dust. I want everything polished. I want it to be in absolute showroom or mint condition. The word mint condition is a term my father used to use. If he looked at an apartment, he’d say, ‘This is mint condition.’ Well, that’s what I want the plane in — showroom or mint condition. (from

But what may, in a few generations, become of the condition of our Mint, the US Mint, should it find itself embossing “TRUMP” in large, golden letters on both sides of our coins? A question, I presume, you are all but ready to answer.

Take it away, folks.


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