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RADCOLUBE 500M Synthetic Hydrocarbon Base, Hydrolytically Stable, Dielectric Coolant Fluid Approved Under MIL-PRF-87252E, Military Specification

RADCOLUBE 500M is a premium dielectric and synthetic hydrocarbon coolant fluid approved under Military specification, MIL-PRF-87252E.
This specification covers synthetic hydrocarbon fluids possessing characteristics and requirements to function as a high-quality heat transfer medium and as a satisfactory dielectric coolant fluid.

RADCOLUBE 500M is a hydrolytically stabilized, dielectric coolant fluid consisting of a synthetic hydrocarbon base oil and additives designed for safe use in land and airborne closed loop cooling systems.
This powerful heat transfer fluid is stable against oxidation and provides high thermal stability and low volatility to withstand elevated temperatures, as well as making it much less susceptible to evaporation to avoid coolant loss.
Specially formulated with corrosion resistance, this high-quality coolant fluid is also biostable and thus, not susceptible to system contamination from bacteria or fungal growth.

This military-qualified cooling fluid delivers effective heat transferring properties, oxidative stability, corrosion resistance, and dielectric characteristics, ensuring uniquely efficient performance and reliability when used with a variety of applications or electrical equipment.


  • RADCOLUBE 500M is ideal and performs excellently for both military and commercial applications from -54°C (-65°F) to 135°C (275°F).
  • Synthetic hydrocarbon base provides powerful heat transferring capabilities like high thermal stability and conductivity coupled with low volatility to effectively withstand and remove heat from hot components while resisting likelihood of coolant loss from evaporation.
  • Dielectric Cooling Fluid can be used to improve the performance of electrical applications and prevent electrical fires from sparking or arcing, as these fluids do not produce electricity.
  • Extends the lifespan of land and airborne closed loop cooling system components with enhanced biostability, preventing fungal/bacteria growth that would cause system contamination and corrosion resistance to preserve interacting metal surfaces against rust.
  • Low viscosity improves product flow property, allowing easy flowing through small channels and passages within a cooling system or electric components.


  • National Stock Number (NSN):
    • 9150-01-306-2470 | 55 Gallon Drum
    • 9150-01-336-7174 | 6/1 Gallon Resealable Case
    • 9150-01-304-0885 | 6/1 Gallon Case
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization Code (NATO Code): S-1748
  • Qualification Number: AFPET/PTPS 19-014
  • Qualification Date: 09/25/2019

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