Mobil Aero HFA 5606 Hydraulic Oil


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Mobil Aero HFA is formulated for aircraft systems where use of hydrocarbon-based hydraulic fluids is required.

This product is a low viscosity, high VI (viscosity index) fluid with excellent low temperature properties, good anti-wear performance, and good chemical stability. This fluid is composed of mineral base oil stock and contains shear-stable VI improvers.

This product is designed to meet the demanding requirements of commercial and military aircraft applications. The high quality formulation of this oil has a long history of excellent performance and provides long, trouble-free service over a wide range of operating conditions.


High Viscosity Index (VI):
  • Allows equipment operation over a wide range of temperatures
Excellent low temperature properties:
  • Provides high performance operation in low ambient conditions
Good chemical and oxidation stability:
  • Resists the formation of acidic constituents, varnishes, and deposits
Meets super clean requirements of U.S. Spec. MIL-PRF-5606 :
  • Ensures reliable performance of pumps, servo-valves and other hydraulic system components


Mobil Aero HFA is a premium quality fluid that meets the quality requirements of the U.S. Military specification MIL-H-5606A (now obsolete). It has a very high VI and is suitable for use at temperatures down to -54 °C (-65 °F). While this quality fluid is no longer used by the U.S. Military, it is still used in older, small private, and commercial aircraft. It is also used in industrial and commercial equipment requiring good fluidity at very low temperatures and situations requiring trouble-free service over a wide range of operating conditions.

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