What is Women in Aviation International?

What is Women in Aviation International?

By on Sep 30th 2021

Women in Aviation International (WAI) is a non-profit organization that was formed in the early 1990’s. Their goal was to draw awareness to the fact that women make up only a small percentage of all careers in the aviation industry. The group itself is comprised of pilots, astronauts, maintenance technicians, engineers, air traffic controllers, business owners, educators, journalists, flight attendants, high school and college students, air show performers, airport managers, and many others. They provide year-round resources to assist in aviation and to encourage young women to consider aviation. They also provide outreach programs to educators, aviation industry members and young people nationally and internationally. Their most recent initiative, Girls in Aviation Day, began back in 2016 and is geared for young girls ages 8-17. Girls in Aviation Day is run by local chapters of  Women in Aviation International throughout the world with the common purpose of educating young girls about the different aviation careers available to them.

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The Northeast Pennsylvania Chapter of Women in Aviation International recently held its Girls in Aviation Day at Wyoming Valley Airport (KWBW) on Saturday September 25 th, . Organized by chapter President and Pilot Molly Van Scoy, the girls were treated to a full day of activities. The girls learned about different types of aircraft and how they worked, airport operations, and even got to explore static displays. All of this went on while (KWBW) remained an active airport with different aircraft taking off and landing throughout the day. was proud to be a sponsor of this great event. We hope that some of these girls are inspired to choose a career in the aviation industry.

Below are some aviation job stats as of 12-31-20

Total Pilots (Male & Female): 691,691

Female Pilots: 58,541 (8.4%)

Total Non-Pilot Jobs (Male & Female) - 724,307 (Includes Mechanic, Repairmen, Parachute Rigger, Ground Instructor, Dispatcher, Flight Navigator, Flight Attendant, Flight Engineer)

Total Females in Non-Pilot Jobs - 218,964 (30%)

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