Aeroshell Phases Out 12-Quart Cases for 6-Quart Cases

Aeroshell Phases Out 12-Quart Cases for 6-Quart Cases

Posted by Sarah Simonovich on Sep 5th 2019

Attention Aeroshell Customers:

Aeroshell has changed the packaging of their aviation oil from twelve 1-quart cases to six 1-quart. Once our inventory runs out of the original sizes, only the smaller cases will be available. Nothing else has changed with any of the products; names, formulations, and bottle designs all remain the same.

Some of these products are already out of stock. Currently, we are unable to offer the following products in cases of twelve:

Aeroshell Oil 100

Aeroshell Oil W100

Aeroshell Oil W100 Plus

Aeroshell 15W-50

For the time being, our inventory of Aeroshell Oil 80, Aeroshell Oil W80, and Aeroshell Oil 65 have not been affected and 12/1-quart cases are still available.

For larger quantities of Aeroshell oil, we do carry 55-gallon drums. We offer free standard shipping on orders over $75, including drums. Additionally, purchasing two six packs will put you over the free shipping threshold. Phillips 66 X/C continues to sell aviation engine oil in 12/1-quart cases, as well.

If you have any questions regarding this package change, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.