Aeroshell Grease 6


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AeroShell Grease 6 General Purpose Mineral Grease for Aircraft Approved for MIL-PRF-24139B

Aeroshell Grease 6 is an powerful general purpose grease composed of a mineral base oil and a clay thickener that excels provides increased performance properties within a wide temperature range of -40°C to +121°C, excelling within extreme conditions. 
MIL-PRF-24139B Specification approval ensures that the grease is suitable for critical and demanding military and aerospace applications, guaranteeing high reliability and performance.

Aeroshell Grease 6 is especially recommended for use on anti-friction bearing, gearboxes, as well as plain bearings due to this grease's stability and consistency under mechanical stress.

This high performing golden yellow airframe grease delivers all-around protection by inhibiting oxidation and corrosion, while simutaneously supplying good resistance to water washout with low noise capabilities.

Specifications & Approvals: 

  • MIL-PRF-24139B
  • MIL-G-7711A
  • NATO Code: G-382
  • DCSEA 382/A

* AeroShell grade meets the requirements of the listed specification but is not necessarily fully approved to that specification. 

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