AeroShell Grease 14


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AeroShell Grease 14 Multi-Purpose Helicopter Grease Approved by all Helicopter Manufacturers for MIL-G-25537C Applications

Aeroshell Grease 14 is an advanced general purpose helicopter grease composed of a calcium soap thickened mineral base oil that provides outstanding performance characteristics such as powerful resistance to fretting and water-based corrosion, in addition to corrosion/oxidation inhibiting. 

Aeroshell Grease 14 is useful in operating temperature range of (-54°C to +93°C) , and is especially suitable for supplying incredible lubrication to helicopter main and tail rotor bearings, splines, and etc. It provides long-life protection and a high resistance to water wash-out. 

Specifications and Approvals 

  • MIL-G-25537C
  • MIL-PRF-24508B 
  • DOD-G-24508A
  • DEF STAN 91-51
  • DCSEA 395/A
  • CIATIM 201, CIATIM 203
  • VNII NP 207, VNII NP 286M, NK-50
  • NATO CODE G-366
  • JSD XG-284

* AeroShell grade meets the requirements of the listed specification but is not necessarily fully approved to that specification. 

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