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Nanchang CJ-6A


The Chinese CJ-6 was designed to replace the CJ-5 as a basic military trainer. Many people think it’s a variant of the Soviet Yak-18A but the CJ-6 is an indigenous design. The CJ-6 is often confused with and referred to as the Soviet built Yak.

In 1962 the Housai HS-6 9 cylinder radial engine of 265HP and matching metal propeller were produced and these became a standard fit for all aircraft until 1965 where the HS-6A engine up-rated to 285HP was made available. This engine has been used up to today and has resulted in a change of designation of the aircraft to CJ-6A. All components in the aircraft are manufactured in China making the type a totally indigenous designed and manufactured aircraft.

The development of the CJ-6 took a total of four and a half years. More than 10,000 of all types are believed to have been produced.



Aircraft Specifications

  • Date of Manufacture: 1968
  • Aircraft Role: Military Trainer
  • Aircraft Type: Nanchang CJ6
  • Wingspan: 33.4 feet
  • Overall length: 27.75 feet
  • Empty weight: 2,270 pounds
  • Gross weight: 3080 pounds
  • Fuel capacity: 60 L (40 Gal)
  • Oil capacity: 17 Liters
  • Engine type: Single 285 HP Housai HS-6A Radial Piston Engine
  • Propeller type: J9-G1, Aluminum, Two Blades
  • Max Speed: 230 MPH
  • Rate of Climb: 1,100 Feet per Minute
  • Cruise Speed: 145 knots, 68%
  • Power Service Ceiling: 17,000 feet
  • Number of Crew: Two