Welcome to the Aviation Oil Outlet video library, full of high-flying aerobatics and information about the oils that help fuel them.

Here, you can find informational videos about our website categories and products including our featured BlueSky White Lightning Smoke Oil, special features such as Flight Patch Friday with Former USAF Thunderbird Lt. Col (Retired) John "Slick" Baum, fun lesser-told facts in our 'Aviation in a Minute' series, as well as our long-running Plane of the Week series.

Most exciting is our coverage of Sun 'N Fun 2021 & 2022 as we interviewed everyone from wing walkers to aviation students at Auburn University Aviation as well as excellent artists and painters capturing these special moments from the present to the past.

Vintage planes, warbirds, aerobatic monoplanes, biplanes - whatever your interest, you'll find something you like in our video library! Have any suggestions? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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In our informational section you will find a variety of content, from pilot interviews, to aviation history, walk-arounds with specific planes explaining their specifications and how they work, as well as updated website information and news from us at Aviation Oil Outlet.

An Aviation Conversation

An Aviation Conversation is our ongoing video series talking all things aviation with professional stunt pilots, hobbyists, students, artists, enthusiasts, and more during our travels to aerobatic shows such as Sun 'N Fun, as well as other events.

Categories & Products

Have a question about the products we carry? You've come to the right place. Here you will find a breakdown of the product categories on our site such as aviation piston oils and smoke oils, as well as what you can expect to find on our site, like the ability to shop by application or by weight. When we add more products to our expanding product line, you'll find information about it here.

Flight Patch Friday

Flight Patch Friday is our series where we sit down with Former USAF Thunderbird Lt. Col (Retired) John "Slick" Baum to get some incredible stories and explanations behind his many military patches.

Aviation in a Minute

Aviation In (About) A Minute is our series going over some of the strange and fascinating aviation stories throughout history in bite-sized form. Learn more about things such as Pigeon War Birds, The Bermuda Triangle, Aviation Gremlins, and the infamous D.B. Cooper.

Plane of the Week

Plane of the Week is our long-running series where we feature photos of aircraft throughout aviation history, quickly highlighting specs such as top speed, length, height, capacity, weight, wingspan, and more!