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Couldn't make it to Sun N' Fun this year? Don't sweat it -- our film crew traveled all around the Sun N' Fun Aerospace Expo grounds to capture the event in all of its high-flying glory. We were honored to sit down and chat with esteemed pilots, members of the United States Armed Forces, and aviation historians: just so you could get the full experience of this incredible event.

Hurricane map in the background, with a USAF Hurricane Hunter in foreground .

Who are the USAF Hurricane Hunters? | Sun N' Fun 2023

Learn more about these daring pilots/researchers that fly a hulking aircraft right into the center of the country's most dangerous storm systems.

Ret. USAF Thunderbird sitting with The Flying Princess in front of Aviation Conversation graphic .

Pilots on Pilots | Ret. Thunderbird and The Flying Princess | Aviation Conversations at SNF 2023

Ret. USAF Thunderbird John "Slick" Baum sits down with Laura Humphries, aka. "The Flying Princess" and chats a little bit about life in the sky and on the ground at Sun N' Fun 2023!

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Stinson L5 Sentinel | WWII Liason Aircraft | Sun N' Fun 2023

We got to chat with Lt. Col Matt Anderson of the US Army Reserve about his incredible Stinson L5 Sentinel which he had completely restored himself.

DRONE'S FIRST AIRSHOW | "Grey Eagle" -- The General Atomics MQ-1 Predator

The Predator Drone has been a staple of the US Military efforts over the past decade. This is the first time it has ever been on display at an airshow -- and we got to chat with a former US ARMY Drone Pilot WO1 Roger Wilson all about the "Grey Eagle."

Marchetti s.211 | The Italian Speedster | SUN N FUN 2023

We met Chris Holmes with Victory Aviation based in Texas, who was kind enough to talk with us about his background in Aviation as an Aircraft Mechanic working on F-15s, as well as showcasing the Italian Speedster, the Marchetti s.211!

The Fouga Magister | The Legendary FRENCH V-tail Jet | Sun N' Fun 2023

We sat down with Lee Logan and Cameron Heddings, the owners and pilots of two of the most unique looking jets that attended Sun N' Fun this year. The Fouga Magister was the first plane to be a part of an...

The 1938 Airliner That Rescues Puppies | Dan Gryder's Airborne Animal Rescue

We caught up with Dan Gryder at Sun N Fun and we spoke with him about his Animal Rescue Mission and his history in aviation. Since Hurricane Katrina, this 1938 Douglas DC-3 has...

The Old Crow | The Stearman that SPEAKS | SUN N' FUN 2023

Hans "The Storyteller" Nordsiek is an inspiring character: a career engineer and aviation pilot, Hans spends his free time performing as a theater actor. His Stearman, The Old Crow, stood out among its nearby cousins...

The World's Deadliest Helicopter | AH-64 E

The AOO video team caught up with CW2 Corey Ungles with the United States Army to learn a little bit about him, his history in Aviation, and the World's Deadliest Helicopter; The AH-64 Echo.

Sun N Fun 2023 Preview | Aviation Oil Outlet

Sun N' Fun Aerospace Expo 2023 was a blast. The AOO team met new faces and caught up with some old ones all week long during the 2023 Sun N Fun fly in! It was a ton of work, but also so much fun, and we can't wait to show you all that we did. Thanks for watching and subscribe for more!

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An Interview with American Acrobatic Aviator Mike Goulian | Sun N' Fun 2022

We got a chance to chat with aerobatic aviator Mike Goulian at Sun N' Fun 2022! "You don't find aviation, aviation finds you." Learn more about how Mike got started in aviation, what he likes the most about flying, what he and his business are doing in the space and more!

An Interview with the Phillips 66 Aerostars | Sun N' Fun 2022

We got to sit down with the Phillips 66 Aerostars at this year's Sun 'N Fun Aerospace Expo! See some great footage of their flights and learn more about how they got their call signs, their favorite part of flying, and more.

The T6A Texan II w/ Lt. Col. Nik Stathopoulos | Sun 'n Fun 2022

During Sun N Fun 2022, we got to speak with Lt. Col. Nik Stathopoulos about a few things, including his T6A Texan II Air Force Trainer, what other aircraft he's flown, his passion for aviation, and how he got involved with attending Sun N Fun!

US SOCOM Para-Commando Interview | Sun N' Fun 2022

We spoke with MSgt. Brandon Fountain just minutes before he and the US SOCOM Para-Commando team took off and dove thousands of feet to the Sun N' Fun central runway.

Welcome To Warbird Country | Sun N' Fun 2022

Welcome to one of Sun N' Fun Aerospace Expo's most popular spots: WARBIRD COUNTRY, presented by the EAA Warbirds of America. You can expect to see hordes of historic aircraft, esteemed pilots, knowledgable owners, and eager crowds. It is a must top for any attendee.

Sun N' Fun 2022 Preview- Aviation Oil Outlet

Sun N' Fun Aerospace Expo 2022 was a blast. We interviewed some of the event's incredible performers from Mike Goulian to the Phillips 66 Aerostars to the US SOCOM Paratroopers! It was a ton of work, but a ton of fun, and we can't wait to show you all that we did. Thanks for watching and stay tuned.

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Sun 'n Fun 2021 - A Thank You from Aviation Oil Outlet

To our new friends and customers, thank you for making Sun 'n Fun 2021 such an incredible event and hanging out with us in the hanger at booth D4.

Sun 'n Fun 2021 - Sizzle Reel - Aviation Oil Outlet

Hope you enjoy our sizzle reel of the incredible Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo!

T-38 Talon Jet Trainer - An Interview with Major Walsh of the USAF

We had the pleasure of interviewing T-38 Talon Jet Trainer Major Walsh of the USAF. Enjoy this conversation and stay tuned for more from Sun 'n Fun 2021!

Meet Chuck Tippett: the Grandpa who walks on the wings of Biplanes

We had the pleasure of interviewing Chuck Tippett: one of eleven Wing Walkers in the world. An incredible person, performer, and grandfather...

An Interview with Blake of the Auburn Professional Flight Program

We talked a bit with Blake -- a Junior at Auburn University -- about his flight history and the incredible program at the iconic Alabama college.

Chinook CH-47 - An Interview with SFC Smith of the US ARMY

SFC Smith is a Flight Engineer aboard the famed CH-47 helicopter. Learn more about the legendary aircraft and SFC Smith's career.

WACO YMF-5 | An interview with pilot Stan Hammons

WACO aircraft are modern classics -- Pilot Stan Hammons talks a little bit about what makes them so special.

Nanchang CJ-6 | Interviewing Red Star Pilot Matt Lazar

Pilot Matt Lazar is the SE Director of the Red Star Pilots Association: a non-profit group that shares a love for the Chinese-made CJ-6 and Yak-52 aircraft...

The Coconut Flyers | Interviewing Sun N' Fun's favorite partying Pilots

The Coconut Flyers have become a staple of the Sun N' Fun Aerospace expo. Incredible piloting skills, friendly attitudes, and a whole lot of BEER.

An Interview with artist Matt Terry

Matt Terry is a talented young artist with an affinity for anything and everything aviation-related. He is currently working on...

An Interview with artist Larry Schultz | An Aviation Conversation

Larry Schultz is a talented artist of many years -- but he just recently got into the painting of...